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sparkling souls

Friday, January 24, 2014

Red Blue, I always come back to you: Color Codes





I always



to you

painting poems
in red and blue

life-force, sky

power, water
and moon

chasing poems 
in red and blue

red blue 
red blue
I always come 
back to you

Have you ever noticed 
certain colors that you 
keep returning to?

what are yours?

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PS: HI everyone..not sure why, but some of my older posts are republishing themselves, sorry for the incovenience, just ignore these blog ghosty episodes.V~


Betty W said...

As I get older my color choices are changing. I have always been a pastel person, but its the reds, oranges, yellows that are becoming more into my life.

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful post and a good question - my colours change with my moods and the weather! Hugs, Valerie

Astera said...

If you look at my pencils, my shortest one is a deep blue (I love your lapislazuli ring, by the way). among my markers, the ones that I have to replenish more often are the palest blue and the palest red.
As for me, I would always dress in green, was it not for the fact that I look dreadful in it! ;)

Tammie Lee said...

fun that you shared your color poem

that is how so many of mine come to life

a tiny jingle in my head....
put together with your beautiful photography is wonderful.

i just looked at my shop... seems there is a lot of turquoise and pink.

sending you a bright smile

Jeannette said...

Yeeaahhh,this is a good questions,my colors favorite its too red and blue,she comes always to me out,iam dont know,but they are.
your text its wonderful to the colors,thats wonderful colors combi,doesnt it??
Wish you a full of happyness with your colors.

greetings jeannette

Mari Huertas said...

Hello friend, I have been so busy time since I've enjoyed your pictures and your ideas. My colors, I always hover around the head are the colors of the sun, always warm and golden. Xo

Paper rainbow said...

Hi Victoria, as valerie says good question. The colours I seem to use most are violet,magenta,cadmium red and cerulean blue.

sheila 77 said...

Your photographs have a magic that makes me want to look at them longer. Here I especially like the Stone-Crystal Mandala of Life.
Interesting question about the use of colour, we try to use a different colour but sometimes, somehow, it changes bavk into our favourite.

Netty said...

Great colour choices and reasons Victoria. Have a great weekend, hugs Annette x

Dianne said...

Hello sweet kindred soul, only you can make a few drops of paint work magic,the photo's are just stunning, your poem does have a song with it :O).Blue for the rain and green for the moss make me happy, thanks for sharing your vision, Have a wonderful weekend, ((( BIG HUGS )))..

sharon said...

Beautiful photography and poetry. My colours are cerulean blue, purple and green, well at the moment that is, depends on the seasons.

padmaja said...

Lovely pics to go with the poem Victoria, I keep going back to orange and yellow!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Very nice post. changing colors and knowing why. The photos are awesome.

Fran said...

Really beautiful and magical photos.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your artwork always has such a poetic feel to it. One of my favorite colors is red too, but I love green too. Blessings!

Magic Love Crow said...

Victoria ;o) Nice to see you my friend ;o) Your blog looks beautiful ;o) Right now, pink keeps calling to me? I don't know why? Big Hugs ;o)

Carol L McKenna said...

Exquisite and divine as always ~ Love the new look of your blog and so glad to have you visit again ~

carol, xxx

Faye said...

Hi Victoria, it's so good to see you on your Dreaming Palette blog. The red and the blue look gorgeous together. Right now everything I do seems to have orange in it. I don't know why since I've never been all that fond of orange. I hope you are having a wonderful 2014. It is so cold down here where we aren't used to all that much frozen landscape.

Giggles said...

Gorgeous poem and photos! I gravitate to jewel tones and fluorescence!I am a green girl over blue...I can tell you I avoid beige and brown it's rare in my art....except for hair...even then I prefer to make hair any color outside of conventional!! Great post!! I should challenge myself to use those colors...thanks for making me think! I love silver rings too...and love your blue one there!

Hugs Giggles

Mandy Southgate said...

I love your poem! And yes, I have noticed the reds and blues in your paintings - I think they are what make them so bold yet dreamy. I return most often to teal, blue and orange although my clothing is most often natural, earthy colours or black and navy blue.

"Keke" Keyser said...

I always return to certain colors, as if somehow they are a part of me, but most times I am drawn to whatever my mood dictates~
Wonderful post!!!

Under the willow tree said...

my choices of colours reflects my also changes over the years..this year is purple and yellow..

Those who color outside of the lines..

Those who color outside of the lines..



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