dreams and visions..the faces I see

dreams and visions..the faces I see

Friday, February 8, 2013

Paintings,Sketches and New Seeds

paintings..sketches and new seeds

Still In progress...
Brigid's Flame
Amber Golden Moon warmed by her Flame
Hair turns to auburn
green washes through her gown
Her Fleshtones: light washes & glazes of acrylics
..and some gesso
more details to do..
Sometimes I love those Quiet hours..near candlelight( a romantic at heart)
filling in the little details..like ripples of hair..

I love to see a piece slowly transform..
a gentle spirit you are getting to know
an intimate soulful experience..

She is coming along..


these are new seeds..quick , simple sketches..maybe they will turn into paintings..
very rough..but still fun to imagine them more completed..

A Nature Spiritess , A Guardian of the Faery Realm..
Nature adorns her head,  seed earing
and wing drapes near her face

and a Vintage-style-Lady of spirit and soul..
intune with her gifts

They are simple sketches for now..soon to bloom

Thanks for visiting..
Happy Creating

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Wishing you a Magical Day..
Thanks for visiting..


Pellie / Penny said...

Your painting is coming along nicely.

I love your new sketches too, especially the vintage lady of spirit & soul.


WrightStuff said...

The amber lady is gorgeous. I love her dress - I want one!!

kristin maynes said...

Wow! She is beautiful! She has a very sweet face. Your sketches are wonderful also! My simple and quick sketches don't look like that.....you are super talented! Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy PPF!

Ilona said...

Finally I reached your post ;-)

I think your spiritual ladies are beautiful. Still I like your "simple" drawings very much, as for me they have the pureness I very much like in art.

Thank you for visiting my blog and the kind words you left for me.

Wish you good spirit and have great week end!

Ilona xx

Faye said...

The Brigid painting is really unfolding beautifully, Victoria. I love the gentleness seen on her face. And the new sketches/potential paintings are great. You have such a wonderful ability to draw as well as put paint to the faces. Have a super weekend.

Carol L McKenna said...

Each one of your sketches and your paintings are divine ~ elegant, exquisite!

Carol of: (A Creative Harbor)
visiting from PPF

Magic Love Crow said...

I have my candle burning right now, as I write to you ;o) Love the painting and your sketches are beautiful! All your faces have so much feeling in them! Big Hugs ;o)

Stephanie Corder said...

I love the way you created the flame- so creative AND beautiful. I also love your new seeds of paintings- can't wait to see them!
PPF Hugs,
P.S. I've missed you too!

renilde said...

I love your sketches Victoria, as in the paintings there is so much in their eyes, their glance, xx

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hello there! Love your newest creations - the colors are bright and delicate for springtime! And your candlelight sketches are beauteous, as well. We are getting a huge blanket of snow as I write. Wishing you a magical weekend, dearest friend!

EVA said...

Another beautiful painting! Those sketches are gorgeous.

Dianne said...

OOOww she is coming along beautifully, the seeds a fantastic love the sketches, Feeling good now thanks for that it always make me happy to visit..

Netty said...

I keep returning to look at Journey through the Cosmic Tapestry, so beautiful and spiritual Victoria.

Loving the work you have done on your new painting and your sketches are wonderful. So much happening and so much to look forward to. Will be back as am not going to miss a thing.
Hugs and Love my friend. Annette x

Tammie Lee said...

so lovely to see this painting unfold and come to love, it is beautiful

as are your sketches
the nature spiritess really captured my heart

lovely weekend to you~

Aga Gasiniak said...

Idea of sketching by candlelight is beautiful, just like your art work which is so dreamy and powerfull. Fantastic art work and I am glad I can visit your blog. Have a wonderfull and creative weekend.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your pencil sketches are outstanding, Victoria. Blessings!

padmaja said...

The new sketches look so beautiful as they are, I would love to see them taking a new life as paintings, superb expressions!

Anne Manda said...

Beautiful sketches, just lovely lines, delicate work, awesome! Love your palette on Brigid's Flame, she is wonderful! <3

Theresa Plas said...

Excellent art and photography!

Gloria in CA said...

Love your ladies and yes they are very spiritual. I know your new "seeds" will be perfection. Your tops in my book. Stay healthy, be happy:)

Giggles said...

Wow love the new seeds sketches...beautiful along with your work in progress...always amazing art here!! Love it!!
Love and light to you!!

Hugs Giggles

denthe said...

Wonderful painting, and I LOVE your sketches!

hmuxo said...

These sketches are absolutely beautiful, Victoria...the hint of color is perfect.

lissa said...

wonderful painting & sketches. they reminded of mother nature in the form of a maiden.

happy sunday!

Christine said...

Brigid is coming along nicely! Your 'seeds' make me think of the freshness of Spring! Nice sketches.

carlarey said...

The new painting is so beautiful and serene. I love all the sketches, can't wait to see if they materialize into paint.

Catherine Constance said...

Hi Victoria, always love visiting your blog...you have a way of lifting my spirits. Thank you... :)

Rosa Viñas said...

Hola Victoria, son preciosos tus dibujos y tus pinturas, me trasmiten serenidad y vibraciones muy buenas, tu pintura está llena de luz. Los bocetos que nos enseñas son encantadores por si mismos, y con tu inspiración que surge de los más hondo de tu interior se convierten en pinturas extraordinarias.

Un fuerte abrazo, amiga.

Marji {RainCityGirl} said...

Your painting is progressing beautifully. I think she is quite remarkable. The new sketches are wonderful and I can't wait to see them fill out in living color. Beautiful, Victoria!

Christa Mavropoulou said...

wow Victoria!!!!A beautiful lady,i like her hair,and of course all the painting!!!!!And your sketches are so interesting...i am 10 min her,and watch-))))
bravo Victoria.....i am happy for you-)))

Alexandra said...

Hi Victoria. It's so good to see you again. Do you know what is odd? I feel this "connection" with you, like a long, lost sister or something. hee :) I love your paintings, your space, your supplies. It's beautiful and definitely represents you! Hugs

PS I STILL can't get over your portal painting that reminds me so much of Van Gogh. I don't suppose you'd part with a print to hang on my inspiration wall? Email me, if so.

Love ya!

Enejy clemens said...

Love your work, and your new seed are gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see the end result.

have a great day!

eM said...

Hello Victoria, I love you sketches very much. I like how you work with portraits and both with fantasy, how you tell the stories through your paintings. Brigid´s flame becomes prettier and prettier. I like the look of her eyes.

Elaine Vasconcellos said...

Beautiful sketches perfect as they are...love visiting you here and feeling so inspired and recharged with the art, the mystical feeling and the beauty of semi-precious stones...



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