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sparkling souls

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wing and Feather: Spiritual Ally


Spiritual Allies

A Meditation of Wing and Feather
Guided Within, Guided By the Feather
Journeying as One
The Healer Within
Wisdom Portal upon the sacred brow
The End of Suffering, The ReUnion with Peace
the Wisdom of Freedom 
the Creative Energy of  Intuitive-Transformation

FREEDOM is Awakening to the Dream of Creation
giving birth to what was always possible
what was alway Present ,what was always Shining Within you
what was always Waiting
to Greet you and to Bless you
 with the Gift of PEACE

On the easel...still in progress..
I will follow the feathers...


(with feathers and Wings)

Spirit Women

 Another Nature Labyrinth Spirit,

His head adorned with leaves twigs & feathers
His Heart draped with a Tree &Wings


And a Spanish Angel..
holding a red bird, a new soul

All In progress as we speak..
Thanks for looking and visiting..
Happy Creating
Joining Sunday Sketches
Our lovely Creative host Alexandra


Jane of The Jewels said...

Victoria, I've just discovered another realm of yours! Oh so wonderful :) You are an inspiration.

Jess said...

Your paintings are so full of depth in every sense. Thankyou for sharing your magic. :)
Jess x

Netty said...

Wing and Feather are so spiritually bound to each other.....total magic Victoria. Loving all your beautiful works in progress.
If you don't mind I would like to ask you a question......do you take inspiration from a particular artist?
Hugs Annette xx

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the tilt of the Nature Labyrinth Spirit's head. He seems to be beckoning to the viewer to join him in the labyrinth.

Rita said...

Besides my love of cats I have an abiding love of birds so these wonderful winged angelic folk won me over right away. :)

Tammie Lee said...

my dear Victoria
knowing you as i do
is a beautiful gift to me
i love your art
and as i looked at these two men
i felt as though i experienced a part of you
as well as a man that will be coming to you, if you have not met him already
the depth you share is a beautiful gift
thank you~

On Fragile Wings said...

Oh my, you have been busy Victoria, so many exquisite creations. All depicting great insight.

I feel that this year marks the end of an age that is past and the beginning of a new age of love,light and enlightenment.

You always portray this in each of your paintings and writings.

blessings of love and light to you
sweet sister of my heart.

hugs Sharon

Magic Love Crow said...

So passionate and so beautiful!

weekend et coup de brosse said...

Tes peintures et tes séries de photos sont sublimes!
Très belle journée à toi Victoria!
Merci de tes visites sur mes blogs!

Carol L McKenna said...

some major new energy here ~ love the feather theme ~ your paintings are exquisite even on the 'journey' ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ ~ aka 'artmusedog' ^_^

hmuxo said...

Wings and Feathers is so powerful! A wonderful painting, Victoria! Looking forward to your work in progression.

Gloria said...

Stunning as always my friend. Love the Spanish lady and your feathers are so soft looking. You never cease to amaze me. I'm glad I met you too on blogland as you always give me inspiration. Great weekend to you.

padmaja said...

I feel a lot of energy through your paintings, this one is just amazing, the series is coming out so well, look forward to the finished pieces soon!

Faye said...

Victoria, I enjoyed viewing your latest WIP. You are so creative and such a prolific, talented painter. I love the lady with the red bird, especially.

Erin K said...

Hello! It's so wonderful to come across all your gorgeous blogs...I'm sitting here with my jaw hanging open. What magic you have! Thank you so, so much for comming to visit my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment...you made my day. <3 I'm definately coming back to see more of your works. <3

Christine said...

Wings and feathers...very inspired and beautiful piece!

Sabina said...

I love both WIPs especially the Spanish angel. The colors you choose are always so warm but vibrant.

And it's been too long since I've been over to Alexandra's. I'll pop over there now for Sunday Sketches.

Rosa Viñas said...

Unas pinturas preciosas, con mucho significado, te envuelven plenamente y te hacen sentir que todo está conectado. Fabulosas.

Un abrazo

WrightStuff said...

I always love seeing birds in your paintings! Gorgeous :)

Anne Manda said...

Lovely, deep and meditative, full of passion, miracles and life! <3

Kae (AKA Auroran Lauriel) said...

Gorgeous and haunting . . . day-dreamy beautiful. I'm really excited about the labyrinth spirit. I like the way his head is tilted and he is framed. You've caught him in an interesting experience and I want to know more about this spirit. Beautiful, Victoria. Each of your paintings is a novel unto themselves.

Alina said...

Hello my dear friend, just stopping by to soak in the magic that is your world. Awesome work! Here's a hug and many wishes for a beautiful Holiday Season. XO

Tracey Fletcher King said...

There are soooo many lovely works in progress here I am almost overwhelmed with their lushness... I missed visiting you last week and now all is right with the world that i am back enjoying your gorgeous paint...xx

Ritu Dua said...

Oozing with positive energies ,your work just draws me closer to you whenever i am here :)

Helen H Trachy said...

Hi Victoria! Thanks for visiting always with your encouraging comments.
Your work is full of live as usual, but I just saw one of your painting that pleases me very much and it's not even finished yet.
To my taste, " Spirit women " is already a great study. I see the lady on the right with a kind of fur collar coming out of the canvas and leaves on her head. The face is so very nice. Can't wait to see it again. Hugs Victoria, have a good day!

Lori Saul said...

A beautiful blending of male spirit and bird. As always you bring forth such feeling and depth of color in all of your works Victoria. I love your warm colors as the season grows colder- always a joy!


La Abela said...

Victoria, I come to watch your creations and wish you Merry Christmas, take some time busy and have not had a chance to see how moving your works, I see you're working hard, a big kiss and my best wishes for your magic will not ever end. Xoxo

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