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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Following Her Sacred Light

She is Divine Light...

Lately I have been following this soft sacred light..
and shaping it onto the canvas
there she appears.. from my brush
I am as tiny as the Butterfly that clings to her face
She appears as a Giant Figure in my visions
She is A Sacred Being of Light
She is a Meditative Portal of Love

How she began..
Lightly painted with burnt sienna
Some light washes of red in her veil
Red rose adorning her crown

Her Flesh
Light glazing of acrylics/
light washes of burnt sienna, mixed with white gesso

Much More to do...blending her face, her veil,
working on the Spiritual Portal-Rose-Mandala 
she is coming along so far!
She is a powerful presence, You may sense who is she to you,
or how she may reveal herself to you.
I sense  she is Pure Divine Wisdom , Sophia, Cosmic Mother
yet she is many energies, all energies in one.
and yet she is also NEW World Vibration of Goddess and Mother 
A New Face of Creation 
She has a red & blue layered rose of Magdalene essence on her forehead,
a pathway inward to explore
And many other Goddess Portals in her veil,
she is every face of the Goddess and Sacred Feminine Being.

Her Gift:
She is a Living Portal of Sacred-light..
From earth, to cosmos
Carrying us all to a  New World Of Creation
and a Space of Evolved Divine Consciousness
and Enlightenment, Pureness and Peacefulness

I have been flowing and Following her Light...
I feel she carries Divine Blessings
She flows with Abundance, 
Creation & Spiritual Rebirth.
She Shines with Love , Healing, Divine Wisdom
& Invokes Seeds of New Consciousness.

The Dreaming Palette

Where have you been flying..and dreaming lately?

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Laurie said...

she's lovely, she looks right through you! Beautiful eyes!
Such lovely words as well,

Gloria said...

Hey Kiki. I've been flying back and forth shopping and planning and doing. I'm posting early tomorrow for PPF or maybe late today. Beautiful spirtual looking person. Thanks for the step by step process, it helps me. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family. I wish you a happy gobble gobble day. Not sure if you celebrate this day where you are at but doesn't matter, happy day to you. Take care.

Tammie Lee said...

sacred light is so beautiful
following your words with each image made me feel as though i was on a journey as you breathed life into this piece. thank you for sharing your stages, i love that! Lovely wed and beyond to you!

Faye said...

She's beautiful, Victoria. I'll be watching to see how you finish her up.

Magic Love Crow said...

Very beautiful Victoria ;o) She is very magical!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh...she radiates beauty AND light! Cannot wait to see how you complete her. Enchanting, dear friend!

Rita said...

I love when you show and explain about the birth of your sacred beings! She is delightful and, I agree, seems to look right through you. Wonderful! :)

Netty said...

wonderful work in progress Victoria, your textures are always so beautifully creamy.
Loving your thoughts in creating her. the fragile wing dripping blood, wow, so creative my friend. I totally adore your work as you know. Such an inspiration for us all. Missed you at PPF and hope you will follow my new art blog which I started last Friday. Hugs Annette xx

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wow! so good 'to see you' again ~ your work is gorgeous as usual yet new energy emerging ~ face has magic and depth to her ~ thanks for sharing the color process ~ helps me ~ Wishing you the best in the weekend ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Auroran Lauriel said...

She is so beautiful. I enjoy being taken for a walk through her creation--I feel like we're visiting her in your dreams.

Auroran Lauriel said...

She is so beautiful. I enjoy being taken for a walk through her creation--I feel like we're visiting her in your dreams.

hmuxo said...

I love to see the progression in a painting..this one was wonderful..I love her skin tones, Victoria.. She's beautiful!!

Ritu Dua said...

She looks as beautiful as I am sure you must be...She seems to look right in my eyes and ask me ..."where have you been flying...and dreaming lately ?? :)

Rosa Viñas said...

Es muy impactante, transmite serenidad, es como si entrara dentro de tí. Muy hermoso.

Un abrazo

carlarey said...

She is beautiful, and such a feeling of acceptance flows form her.

Catherine Constance said...

Great work going on there. Love her eyes and the butterfly wing tucked in there. Funny, I was thinking about you the other day...hadn't seen you around for awhile...and today, your here.. :)

Christine said...

She's just beautiful and so spiritual!

Anne Manda said...

Beautiful, luminous and peaceful face, love shines in her eyes! <3

Anne Manda said...

Beautiful, luminous and peaceful face, love shines in her eyes! <3

Tracey Fletcher King said...

I like seeing how the shape and form emerge through your process photos... they are like a person emerging out of the canvas... just wonderful... I hope you have had the most wonderful weekend and that your week is full of paint...xx

Alexandra said...

Your painting is coming along lovely. It's wonderful seeing your art again. I've been so out of the loop with school this semester. :)

Molly said...

Beautiful... Such depth of emotion in her eyes!

Gallery Juana said...

You're really good about taking wip photos. I recently completed a project that I had hoped to give a wip tutorial. I got so involved with what I was doing that I totally forgot about the in progress shots.

I really love this portrait and how you've fashioned the veil, butterfly, shadows and mandala.

stefanie stark said...

This beautiful lady looks like she was born for eternity. A wonderful heroine out of a magical heroic saga.

Nicola said...

Hi Victoria,

Wow, your pieces always have such a a beautiful calm feel to them, love the loose brush strokes, lots of lovely energy pouring out of this piece, the eyes are beautiful! :0)

Nicola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
padmaja said...

She is looking at me with kindness and it has a calming effect on me! With a "BINDI" on her forehead, she looks like an Indian goddess to me!

denthe said...

great to see her progression!

Elaine Vasconcellos said...

I can see you are back to your acrylics again dear Victoria and is so nice the way you always involve us the spectators into creative journey of your art. I come out from here always inspired...hugs x

Alicia C said...

Hi Victoria sorry i had notstopped by yet!!! Particularly sorry bc i love your work so much!!! This lady is phenomenal. I showed my husband some of your other posts and this one and he loved it said it reminded him of toulouse lautrec which is so interesting it hadnt occured to me! Have a great week

One Conscious Dreamer said...

I have come a little late to the party on this creation but I must tell you she is magnificent.

I think she is one of my favourite paintings of yours so far.

I love that you have used a tear drop as a bindy, a window of enlightenment and peace.

Your colour palate is always delicious.

I shall wish you much love and blessings for all the upcoming holidays.

hugs and blessings of light

love Sharon

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