sparkling souls

sparkling souls

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Friday, August 1, 2014

A Flora~Crystal Magic Thank You !

Many Thanks to Silke from Metamorphosis Blog!

 Recently Silke did a beautiful post sharing about  
her art and her creative passion 
and her intuitive artistic process! 
It was fantastic to read!

I have known Silke for a long time and it was her art-blog 
that inspired me many years ago
to show my art for the first time to anyone here!

She is a beautiful soul , wonderful artist
and a very creative being in so many different arenas!

She also  kindly spotlighted fellow creatives, 
I was very touched that she included me in that !

Here it is if you want to see it!

So I dedicate this post to you Silke 
to simply say Thank you!
Enjoy these flora-crystal poems, visual meditations!

Thanks for visiting

Wishing you All
 a very beautiful August!

Let me know what you have 
all been up to..creating..doing!

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Follow your Artistic Soul, Be True to your Journey

Follow your Artistic Soul, Be True to your Journey

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