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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Return

The Return
the paint had dried 
upon my 
Tangled soul
covered in earth, moss and stone
a palette of seasons 
like fresh bones
and a bird calling 
my name 
calling me home

blackened dust fell
as I took my first gaze
Raven pecking 
brick and paint away
freeing my spirit
waking my soul
calling my name
calling me home

 wing touched the wild winds
 Sky shone in Bright
Sun took away my pain  
Transforming me back to Light

 my body began to quicken
drawing in 
mist and breath
healing me from the slumber
of darkness and death

Raven chanted my name 
across the maze of Trees
Calling my Spirit
setting me free
Raven weaved my Soul 
into the silver breeze
scattering my dust 
like ash and seed

Wings scurried down 
to reach me deep below
where Ends of Earth meet
to thread my flesh to bone

Raven fastened my Heart 
into the bark 
of a Tree
so that I could live again
so that that I could be free.

The old paint had lifted 
to reveal my new Soul
shining like crystals 
of  colored gemstones
a palette of seasons
filled with sacred poems
dancing into the earth
where Ancient Ravens Roam
~victoria pettella~

Whatever you have gone through
whatever dark place you have roamed alone
however many times you have had to pick yourself up again
however long you have endured pain, loss, fear ,
heartache or despair
know there is a time when the light returns
a time when the light calls you out from the deep dark..
rise to it
answer it
become part of life again
and live as true as your truth shines..
find beauty again
find a world that celebrates your healing
and empowers your creative magic
whether slowly or at the speed of flight
r e t u r n
come back to the Light
it is where you belong
and it is the only place you can truly Live again

The Dreaming Palette

Every sacred journey that we walk
creates a stronger encounter
with the living seasons 
of the soul
and Illuminates the 
Empowered Spirit 
to Become New again.
Every sacred journey
begins to nourish 
the seeds of your Truest Freedom
releasing you from 
the visible scars & hidden cages 
you once wore.
Every sacred journey 
ignites you Within 
and awakens & reformulates
the greater meaning of your life 
and allows you to live it fully, 
deeply and magically.
~victoria pettella~

Creating... is always the place I Return

Thursday, January 8, 2015

spirit of creation

Wishing you all very magical 2015

filled with many Creative Adventures 

and New Journeys of Inspiration to fly with...

Thanks for your friendship

and artistic connection in this creative world!

I appreciate each and every kindred I have met in blogland!


Follow your Artistic Soul, Be True to your Journey

Follow your Artistic Soul, Be True to your Journey

painting from the soul

painting from the soul

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sparkling souls

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